Thursday, June 28, 2012

interview with Fauk, as on the website

This is one interview with Fauk, as on the website

Interview: Hordagaard
‘In Norway there are plenty blackmetalacts. One of them is Hordagaard, which started as a project by the one and only (member) Fauk:

Hordagaard started as a project in 1999 and the year after (2000) the spinning carousel started more bloody serious .. What did you do before the project started in earnest?
"I didn´t do shit really.I was a young teenager with loads of ideas.Me and some friends formed a heavy metal band.Old Metallica style.I played drums.Later we changed over to black metal and we made some demos and later on I quit and started Hordagaard on full time."

Have you ever involved session musicians during recording?
"Guestvocal have been done on the 1st mini-album by a friend of mine, which did some vocal on the Sorgeskog song. And lately I´ve used the vocalist from Wotankeld on my latest work. The upcoming album contains his voice on many songs.on the “Choose Your Path” album."

Who would you involve as live ritual musicians?
"Heh…no comment."

Dream venue to perform a ritual show at were:
"Oh…How about the Stonehenge under the fullmoon?"

In what region do you think your most dedicated supporters are?
"From my point of view I would say the darkside of the Bible. Some are into the Pagan way of living."

Largest source of inspiration?
"I have many inspirations really. My inner self. The history of Norway infects me a lot. Some religion and meanings about that.Kosmos.Humans basicly…and the behavior."

If one looks back, is there any album you would like to record again from scratch?
"No…what´s done, are not to be spoken of…the future path lies ahead."

Suppose you could get the chance again to meet a historical figure, who would it be and why?
"That´s a tough one…hmm.I cant say a specific person. But I would really like to meet the old shamans in the age of the Vikings.In seach for answers."

What would you give for advice to kids who start bands today?
"Kids…Don’t try to be something your not. Have fun and create memories. Don´t fight over details, and work together. Don´t forget that the vocalist are always in the front ;)"

Northern icy cold, subterranean heat wave, east or west thunder storm?
"Thunder and storms!"

Hordagaard about Swedish bm vs Norwegian bm .. which is most true?
"Hmm…There are good BM bands and bad BM bands from all over the globe. I don’t have any opinions on that really.Swedish black metal = speedy drums?"

Is there any region that could be considered equally “true” as the creation of bm?
"Every soul has a picture of religion.For that man its “real”. But does it exist? Who knows…"

What do you do in the current situation? New record work in progress perhaps?
"Actually yes! I have plans to record a new album again soon. Looking forward to that. Haven´t decided what style this time. Maybe ill just let my fantasy do the job. Don´t know when its ready."

Any last toxic words to the fans?
"Who are YOU? And who are you behind your eyes?"

Friday, April 6, 2012

Interview with Fauk

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to chat directly with Fauk on Facebook. On that occasion, I asked some questions related to the creation of songs. Basically, anyone which creates a song, get inspiration from the neighborhood where he/she is, like nature, and humans. The selection of words used in the song has its own process. There is a process of creation of the word in every Lyrics. As we find in poetry, words which used in song lyrics, may have the connotation of meaning, or not in its real meaning. I usually call it with the phrase, "The word that has a thousand meanings."

So is the creation of music of a song. When creating songs, consciously or unconsciously, are also influenced by the environment around us. What we feel and see, bring our subconscious to form the composition of the tone and rhythm of a song. As I wrote in my first post, that Black Metal is a genre that expresses anger. This is represented by way of playing the instruments. No such slow blues, not complicated like jazz, and not as smooth as classical music. Tone and rhythm of the composition was formed to show emotion, at the time the song was created.

When I met a musician, I always ask, "Which was created first, the music? Or the lyrics?" This question may sound like a question, which one exist first, egg or chicken? But the answer is not as complicated as which came first the egg or the chicken. In creating songs, for some people I have ever met and whom I talked, they mentioned it is a relative thing. Depending on the habits of the person which created the songs.

For those who create the lyrics first, when they want to write the words they will create a song based on what they feel, their emotions. It is just like we write a poem. After the lyrics, they will decide what kind of music they want to make. While for those who to create the music first, almost the same as the process of making the lyrics, feeling and emotion is used to select the tunes they want to use, or without the unconscious, they will form a suitable arrangement with a sense of tone and emotion at the time. After successfully produced the music, then they would make the lyrics fit with the feel of the music produced.

For Fauk, the first thing he did in the process of recording songs, starting from making the music first. After listening to the melody that been created by him, then he decide what kind of lyrics that are suitable for the music. In short, the most important thing for Fauk, is to create music. Because through the music, he can convey ideas that is in his head.

I was asked to Fauk, "what is your inspiration in making the lyrics?" In writing the lyrics, Fauk get the inspiration from the surrounding environment. Especially from daily human life. The theme of each song is a relationship between human and nature, and the relationship between humans to humans. He wrote a criticism of how people live in the world. He tried to criticize what is happening around him.

At that time, Fauk give an example, the title song that criticizes, namely Djeveldyrkar, or in the English language means devil worshipper. If we look at the thesaurus, the definition of the word "devil" is a demon, a word that is the opposite of the word "angel". But in this songs, the word "devil" does not represent a form of demon, but the word "devil" is used as a representation of the properties owned by humans. Fauk explain the theme of the song, that at the time of the creation of the song, Fauk see properties like the devil is in the human self.

Then Fauk give another example, the song called Choose Your Path. Nowadays, human dependence on advanced technology, such as mobile phones, internet, and others. This is the reason Fauk write this Lyrics. Human social interaction is currently undergoing changes in shape of space. From the living room, into living room chat. From space called a cafe, into room called the internet portals, social networks such as facebook. This phenomenon is not only have a positive effect, but also negative. This social networking is easier for us to exchange news with friends who live far away from us, but it would be a bad thing. At least in my opinion, if social interaction is no longer physically do, someone could be being an antisocial human. He/She will no longer needs to physically meet with the others, because he/she felt enough through the social networks on the internet.

Fauk see that every life that exists in the world have their functions. The human body exist in the world, not just as a shell or place of residence of spirits, but the body is representative of the human physical form in the universe, and certainly has a function for the universe. In this song, Fauk expect humans to understand who we are in fact, choose the path of life we want to live, and understand what we want to do in this world.

From my conversations with Fauk, I get a conclusion about the music, especially the songs which created by Fauk, that is “Music is a combination of sounds, with a beauty of tone and expression of emotion ....

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Prologue of the Blog

The first time I know Hordagaard is through his videos on I actually come from different musical backgrounds. But this does not mean I do not want to listen to music other than jazz, pop, rock, and RnB. Actually, this is not the first time I listened to Black Metal. Ever since I was young, there are already some of my friends who have pursue this stream of loud music. At that time, the first time I listened to Black Metal, I was confused how to enjoy the songs of this genre. Which sounded in my ears is the only sound being played guitar fast, then the drum sound that sounded just as fast, and sound sounded hoarse vocals and not so clear pronunciation of the lyrics he was singing. While the sound of other instruments, such as bass and keyboard, not the dominant sound.

At that time, I was looking for references to music, for my theater production. At that time I found a videos clip of Hordagaard titled "A Vision" (you can see and heard the video by clicking the tittle). In the description below the videos clip was shown a text "ancient black metal from Norway ...." Then I interested in the words of "ancient black metal". Is there any difference between Hordagaard with other black metal bands? 

I tried to compare what I have with the music Hordagaard with other black metal band. but I have not found the answer.

With the development of today's technology, anyone can access the internet. Many things can be done via the internet. The real world is limited by space and time. So, in this virtual world, that does not exist. I am alive and living in Indonesia can have friends from different countries in the world. Likewise with my meeting with Fauk. 

I found the official account of Hordagaard on facebook,  As in general, we push the button "like" and we can directly interact with the owner of the account. From there, I became acquainted with Fauk, who is behind Hordagaard. It turns out, Fauk is one of the fun person that I've ever known. We discuss a wide range of topics, ranging from what is meant by Black Metal, history, the universe, until the light topics of everyday life.

The term "do not judge a book by it's cover only", it is true. Although in each of they performance, they look scary, but in their daily lives, they do not look scary. Fauk can be very different.

Well.....This will be discussed in my next post. I'll try to write more about Fauk, Hordagaard, albums and songs.

This may be seen as autobiographical. However,  it is all I could do.