Friday, March 16, 2012

The Prologue of the Blog

The first time I know Hordagaard is through his videos on I actually come from different musical backgrounds. But this does not mean I do not want to listen to music other than jazz, pop, rock, and RnB. Actually, this is not the first time I listened to Black Metal. Ever since I was young, there are already some of my friends who have pursue this stream of loud music. At that time, the first time I listened to Black Metal, I was confused how to enjoy the songs of this genre. Which sounded in my ears is the only sound being played guitar fast, then the drum sound that sounded just as fast, and sound sounded hoarse vocals and not so clear pronunciation of the lyrics he was singing. While the sound of other instruments, such as bass and keyboard, not the dominant sound.

At that time, I was looking for references to music, for my theater production. At that time I found a videos clip of Hordagaard titled "A Vision" (you can see and heard the video by clicking the tittle). In the description below the videos clip was shown a text "ancient black metal from Norway ...." Then I interested in the words of "ancient black metal". Is there any difference between Hordagaard with other black metal bands? 

I tried to compare what I have with the music Hordagaard with other black metal band. but I have not found the answer.

With the development of today's technology, anyone can access the internet. Many things can be done via the internet. The real world is limited by space and time. So, in this virtual world, that does not exist. I am alive and living in Indonesia can have friends from different countries in the world. Likewise with my meeting with Fauk. 

I found the official account of Hordagaard on facebook,  As in general, we push the button "like" and we can directly interact with the owner of the account. From there, I became acquainted with Fauk, who is behind Hordagaard. It turns out, Fauk is one of the fun person that I've ever known. We discuss a wide range of topics, ranging from what is meant by Black Metal, history, the universe, until the light topics of everyday life.

The term "do not judge a book by it's cover only", it is true. Although in each of they performance, they look scary, but in their daily lives, they do not look scary. Fauk can be very different.

Well.....This will be discussed in my next post. I'll try to write more about Fauk, Hordagaard, albums and songs.

This may be seen as autobiographical. However,  it is all I could do.