As I have told in my first post, my introduction to Fauk av Hordagaard through social media Facebook, started from my interest in the music that he played. Me, who did not have the background of Black Metal, was afraid to listen to this music at night. For me, Black Metal is a kind of music which is heavy, black, and scary music. What I mean is, the songs are played with a loud sound, guitar and drums are play so fast, and the vocal sounded like an angry man. However, it turns out it is a form of expression that they want to. Anger.

Finally I can understand why they playing like that. The sound produced by the drum is like the sound of machine guns. The more fast Drum been played, so it will be more extreme. While the vocal sound is to give the impression of scary, such as the devil in hell. While the guitar just follow the existing pattern. Each of black metal bands has their own characteristic in determining the pattern. So is Hordagaard.

Here one of my favorite songs to be. The song "Min Far" (click to listen to the song) is taken from the album Hordagaard "Made in Norway". This song is based on the existing mythology of Norway. Mr. Min Far which means I am. The word "My father" refers Thor (god of thunder in Norse mythology), while "I" refers to Magne, son of the god Thor. On another song, would sound different from the song "Min Far", one of which is a song called "A Vision" (click to listen to the song) , which is taken from the album Hordagaard "Vision From Other Side". On this track you will only hear the instruments being played constantly, and vowel sounds. In my opinion, this song sounds like a song for being trans ...

Fauk has been writing and recording his own songs since he was 15 years old. The first song he makes is "Follow Satan". Until now, he has produced about 300 songs. Most of the theme of the lyrics is about death and human. And by saying human, it’s mean the higher self.